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Power Super Foods Acai Berry Power 50g 

Power Super Foods Acai Berry Power 50g

Pronounced "ah-sigh-ee", this superhealthy superfood is consistently named one of the planet's Top Ten AntiOxidant Superfruits. With a protein profile similar to an egg, an essential fatty acid profile similar to olive oil, low sugar and low GI, and an ORAC (antioxidant value) higher than blueberries, pomegranate, red wine and even Goji. Get powered up today!!

Certified Organic, this royal purple jewel with the mild, faintly cocoa-berry taste has been snap frozen at harvest site and milled at low temperature into a powder for your convenience. Açai is absolutely loaded with nutrition: 19 Amino Acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, and P (bioflavonoids), minerals like potassium, iron, phosphorous, and calcium, fibre content of 30%, trace elements, Omegas 6 and 9, and unusually for a fruit, protein!

Add to yoghurt, smoothies, ice cream, fruit juice, water, milkshakes, muesli, or even margaritas

Açai (Euterpe oleracea) is the secret weapon of many famous athletes who love the Low G.I./high nutrient concentration combo - no surfer from Brazil to Burleigh can start their day without! Harvested sustainably from a wild and vigorous 25 foot Brazilian tropical palm that naturally grows prolifically across 2.5 million acres of Amazon River floodplains - supporting the Açai Berry industry makes these trees more valuable vertical than logging them - and how good is that!

1. What is the purpose of the oxygen absorbing sachet?

To ensure maximum freshness and nutrient preservation upon first opening - discard.

2. Why a lightproof bag? (vs. clear windows like other PSF products)

The Açai berry is extremely sensitive to light and air and product quality is easily degraded causing undesirable changes in taste, odour and colour. So despite the extra cost, Power Super Foods takes the extra steps of having citric acid (Vitamin C: an organic-approved natural stabilizer) 'blown through' the batch, then packaging into lightproof and vapourproof bags (preventing oxidation) with free-radical sucking oxy-absorbers to ensure maximum nutrient preservation and freshness to you on opening.

3. What does Açai powder taste like?

Not much, actually. It's faintly berry like, with a faint chocolate aroma, and mildly astringent due to its very low sugar content.

4. Why don't you sell Açai juice or frozen Açai pulp?

Because honestly, to make juice you are diluting a product with water, and shipping a frozen pulp product around a hot country just does not make any environmental sense to us when there is another option.

Certified organic Açai Berry Powder


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