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Watercontroller Leak Controller 

Watercontroller Leak Controller

Leak Controller is an ultra sensitive water sensor; a specialised water alarm and shut-off system. Battery operated and fitted with a quick-connector water ball valve, it's very easy to install and operate.

Upon sensing moisture, Leak Controller will engage the shut-off valve and sound an alarm. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak while the alarm continues to sound until the valve is manually reset.

By preventing continuous water flow, mould and property damage is restricted and user liability is reduced.

Two screws into mounting bracket into closest wall to water supply. This can be under a sink, behind a refrigerator/ice maker, coffee maker, toilet etc

Insert batteries (included) and hang on the mounting bracket.

The plastic or copper water line (1/4" or 3/8") is cut and pressed into the quick connect fittings on the valve without tools. Optional adapters are available for flexible or compression-type tubing.

To confirm the path of the water in the event of a leak, put some water in a plate and place it near where the sensor will be placed and observe the direction of water flow. Place the sensor accordingly to the flow path on the mat provided. This ensures in the event of a leak the water flows towards the sensor.

Quick and easy installation is complete!

The blue LED will flash every 5 seconds to confirm that the Leak Controller is functioning properly and is ready to shut off the water in case of a small or large leak.

Multiple sensors may be connected in series and placed near or surrounding many types of appliances. The Controller comes with one 5 foot length sensor.

This is a LCS Series model featuring Leak Logic microchip technology.

USA manufactured NSF approved ball valve with patent pending one way spring release; proven quality and reliability

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