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General Ecology Whole House System - Spark-L-Pure 

General Ecology
General Ecology Whole House System - Spark-L-Pure

Spark-L-Pure units are intended for use with water supplies that are considered to be bacteriologically safe. Using General Ecology's Aqua-Polish® - 7 cartridge modules, Spark-L-Pure systems provide a rated flow of 26 GPM - more than enough for a households total supply, and for many commercial and industrial applications Aqua-Polish modules are able to remove fibres, visible dirt and scale, chlorine, foul tastes, odours, and other particulate contaminates, by incorporating extremely fine Microfiltration, Broad Spectrum Adsorption/Molecular Sieving, and Electrokinetic Attraction into General Ecology, Inc's unique Structured Matrix technology.
Spark-L-Pure, with the Aqua-Polish cartridge modules, are the most comprehensively effective drinking water systems in its class. Modules have a large average capacity of 113,560 litres (30,000 gallons) for particulate removal.

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