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Chilled Water On Tap
Our price: $895.00
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Chilled filtered water on demand at the sink in your home or office!
Insinkerator - GN-1100 Boiling Water On Tap
Our price: $775.00
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Produces up to 100 cups of filtered steaming hot water per hour. Itís ideal for making tea and coffee, preparing pasta, blanching vegetables, cleaning dishes etc..
Insinkerator - HC-1100 Boiling and Ambient Water On Tap
Our price: $995.00
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Ultimate efficiency at the sink in your home, office or caravan, anywhere you require filtered steaming hot water and ambient water instantly from the same tap.

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Drinking Water Purifier
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Hiking Water Purifier
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Travel Water Purifier
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Drink water safely anywhere in the world!

Boiling Water On Tap
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Do away with the kettle!

Shower Filter
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No more chlorine in your shower and bath!

Our Price: $394.95
Pure H20