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Springflow - Distiller Stainless Steel with Glass Jug
Our price: $394.95
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Pure H20; produces water free from ALL contaminants including: bacteria, Giardia, viruses, chlorine, all VOC's, fluoride, asbestos, arsenic, lead, zinc, iron, heavy metals, herbicides, fertiliser, residues, pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, salt, aluminum and nitrates.
Springflow - Distiller Carbon sachets (12 Pack)
Our price: $39.95
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Carbon Sachets suitable for any brand distiller. (NSF Certified Activated Carbon)
Springflow - Distiller Descaler and Cleaner
Our price: $49.95
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Use to remove residue and clean the stainless steel chamber of a distiller / purifier, leaving no taste or odour.
Springflow - Distiller Glass Jug (with Filter Holder)
Our price: $124.95
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4 litre glass jug designed to collect distilled water.

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