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Magnum Pleated filter 20" x 4.5" 1 micron 

Magnum Pleated filter 20 x 4.5 1 micron

Polyester Pleated Sediment Filter

1 Micron Water Filter

Size: 20" x 4.5"

Designed for maximum dirt holding capacity; 5 times greater than the Sediment Spun Polypropylene filter because it has a huge surface area and what's more it's cleanable!

Pleated filters have minimal inpact on flow rate, so it's the ideal choice for low water pressure situations such as gravity fed tanks or drinking water filter systems in households that have poor water pressure.

Use this filter in place of a Sediment Spun Polypropylene filter in all standard size 20" x 4.5" water filter housings.

Made in New Zealand

Technical Specifications
1 Micron Polyester/Cellulose Blend - Reduces extra fine sediment.
Cleanable and reusable.
Pleated media for low pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity.
Polypropylene centre cores.
Food Grade 2 Pot Urethane end caps.
Size: 4.5" x 20" (Known as 4.5" x 20")
Initial PSI @ Flow Rate LPM <1psi @ 76Lpm

Compare pleated sediment filters based on Micron rating:
1 Micron Polyester/Cellulose Blend - Reduces extra fine sediment.
5 Micron Polyester/Cellulose Blend - Reduces fine sediment.
20 Micron Non Woven Polyester - Reduces medium sediment.
50 Micron Non Woven Polyester - Reduces course sediment.
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Price: $75.95

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