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ITM Sediment Filter 10" x 2.5" 20 micron

ITM Sediment Filter 10" x 2.5" 20 micron

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Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter

20 Micron Water Filter

Size: 10" x 2.5"

Designed to remove and capture large particles such as dirt, rust, silt, sand, algae, scale and cloudiness, from water. Four layers of polypropylene fibre capture the particles effectively; the fibre fines remain stable and efficient.

Often used when filtering rain water and bore water and also as a first stage filter when filtering municipal town water with standard water filter systems and Reverse Osmosis purification systems.

To fit in all standard size 10" x 2.5" water filter housings.

Technical Specifications
Filter Media - 100% Polypropylene
Temperature range: <80ᄚC
Maximum internal pressure drop: 80PSI (5.5kg/cm2)
Replacing pressure drop: 35PSI (2.4kg/cm2)

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