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Waterworks IC1000 Chiller 

Waterworks IC1000 Chiller
Chilled water on tap for a school, sporting venue, function centre, construction site, mine, public access area that requires a high demand of chilled water!

The combination of extreme cooling performance and a significant volume of stored cold water make this cooler ideal for many applications. The superior insulation ensures that the water remains at the cool temperature with a minimum of energy consumption.
  • Delivers aprox 120 litres per hour
  • 60 litre insulated stainless steel cooling tank
  • Stainless steel water lines
  • Durable powder coated cabinet
  • Mains Pressure
  • Dimensions- 8040mm W x 6440mm D x 8060mm H  
*Tap not included.
Our Price: $3,849.00
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Price: $3,849.00

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PRICING: Listed in Australian dollars - AUD$3,849.00 inc. GST
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