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Springflow Distiller Stainless Steel with Glass Jug 

Springflow Distiller Stainless Steel with Glass Jug
What does distilled water have left in it? 
Pure H2O. It will have no radioactivity, salt, nitrates, fluoride, chlorine or any other contaminant in it. It is pH neutral.
Transforms ANY water supply.

Distillation produces water free from ALL contaminants including: bacteria, Giardia, viruses, chlorine, chloride, VOC's, fluoride, asbestos, arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, iron, heavy metals, herbicides, fertiliser, residues, pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, salt, aluminum and nitrates. 

It does not need water pressure, it does not clog up, it cleans ANY water.

Distilled water feels 'soft' to your skin. 

Perfect for making sterilised water for autoclaves.

As used by hundreds of dentists, vets and medical facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

This Springflow Deluxe Distiller includes the 4 litre glass jug and x6 carbon sachets and cleaner.

How the water distiller works: 
  1. Water is heated in the Boiling Chamber and converted into Steam Vapor. 
  2. Steam Vapor rises, leaving impurities behind.
  3. Steam Vapor circulates through the cooling coils and condenses.
  4. Condensed water is passed through a carbon filter then pure delicious drinking water is collected in the 4 litre glass jug.   
  • Plug in and go - no installation required
  • Stainless steel exterior finish
  • Stainless steel boiling chamber
  • Stainless steel cooling coil
  • Stainless steel underlid
  • Automatic shut off at the end of the cycle
  • 4 litre glass collection jug
  • Can be used in any country with 220-240V

Distillation Time: Makes 4 litres in 5-6 hours
Purity Rating: Total Removal
Carbon filter life: Lasts 30 Days max. Comes with x6 filters.
Electrical Cost: Approximately 16 cents per litre
Power: 580W
Dimensions: 36 cm H, 23 cm W, 40 cm D (Includes 4 litre collection jug)
Safety: Model MH943S has passed the CE and ASZS 3350 Safety Standard. Approved for medical use.
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