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General Ecology Seagull IV X-1F Water Purifier 
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General Ecology
General Ecology Seagull IV X-1F Water Purifier

Purify water instantly!

This very compact purifier installs under your sink and a separate tap is installed into your sink or bench. Flow rate is a very fast 4.0 litres per minute. Connect to a water supply where ever you live in the world and be assured of clean, fresh, safe drinking water. 

Retains valuable minerals and electrolytes in the water. 

Removes (not just reduces) chemicals, metals, organics, bacteria such as e.coli and coliforms, viruses, microbiological etc down to 0.1 microns (0.4 absolute) using NO chemicals, electricity, waste water or storage tanks. 

Purifier cartridge is included and has an average capacity of 4000 litres.

Tested and certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation International) and the EPA (Environment Protection Agency). Only unit in the world to meet EPA standards for purifying water of cysts, bacteria and viruses (that we know of).

10 Year Warranty - Will last a lifetime; manufactured from marine grade stainless steel with lead free faucets and ports. 

Suitable for all water sources i.e. mains, rain, bore, dams, river, lake *does not desalinate 

Suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, aviation, yachts, boats, schools, caravans...

Optional- Gooseneck Tap: Deluxe tap. View here: Gooseneck Tap

Also see compatible kitchen mixer taps with extra outlet for purified water: Combines a normal mixer tap which provides hot water for washing up and cold water for general use, with a seperate lever at the base for purified drinking water. Unlike most 3-way mixers, in addition to the standard ¼" steel-wire-braided connection hose that connects your filter to the mixer, these mixers also come with an optional ½" steel-wire-braided connection hose; ideal for the Seagull IV water purifier as it doesn't restrict its impressive flow rate.

View 3-way mixer tap styles here:

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