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Everchill 1.2L Under Sink Chiller 
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Everchill 1.2L Under Sink Chiller

Everchill 1.2L under sink water chiller was designed for use in your kitchen, or with drinking fountains, bubblers and water filter systems, enabling any drinking water station to supply chilled refreshing water.

This Everchill water chiller can be installed under a sink or bench, in the ceiling, on a column, an adjacent wall, or in a service area. In fact it’s perfect for virtually any single remote outlet at your home or office. 

External dial to adjust to your desired chilled temperature. Turn the chiller off for ambient filtered drinking water in winter.

Powder coated blue steel casing with pvc front panel. LED power indicators.

Easy installation.

Reliable system built to last; 3 yr warranty on Tank, 2 yrs on parts.

  • Lead and copper free waterways
  • 1.2 litre stainless steel grade 316 water tank
  • Power 240V @170 Watt / 0.7 Amps
  • Initial draw 1L (5 x 200ml cups)
  • Capacity 9L/hr (45 x 200ml cups per hour)
  • Dimensions W 18.5x D 32x H 39cm

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