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Chilled and Ambient Water On Tap

Chilled and Ambient Water On Tap

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Chilled and Ambient filtered water from one tap on demand at the sink in your home or office!


Deluxe Chrome Stainless Steel Tap, installs into your sink or bench top.

Chiller IC8 compact design easily fits under the sink for chilled water on tap in your kitchen or office. Delivers aprox 8 litres per hour. Insulated cooling tank, stainless steel water lines, automatic overload, tube on tank style evaporator. Quick connect 1/4" push in fitting, 134A refrigerant, 240V, 0.74Amp draw (120W)

Water filter system designed with high quality low cost filter replacements in mind, quality filters and housings made by Pentek USA: Filter 1- Presediment Filter removes dirt and rust (1 micron) Filter 2- CBR2-10 removes chlorine, cysts, bad taste and odour (0.5-micron activated carbon). Tested and certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation-International). Housing x2 tested to Australian Standards 3497. All parts and fittings for installation are provided including 350 kpa Apex Filtamate pressure limiting valve.ᅠ Replacement Filters total just $45 and are required every 12 months for clean, healthy, great tasting water.

Contaminants Filtered: Chlorine, Dirt , Rust, Herbicides, Pesticides, Lead, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Cysts, DDT, Endrin, Lindane, Aldrin, Benzene, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Adrazin, Fluorathene, Phenol, Trihalomethanes, Toxaphene, Dichloromethane, Chlorofor, Trichlorethylene, Perchlorethylene, Tannic Acids


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