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Compatible Insinkerator Filter F-701R

Compatible Insinkerator Filter F-701R

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This compatible Insinkerator replacement cartridge is just like the genuine Insinkerator cartridge, it is a triple action filter; it removes chlorine, unpleasant taste and odour, scale and organic material to a rating of 5 microns. This means both filters remove particles as small as 5 microns in size.

The compatible Insinkerator filter has no expiration date. You can confidently buy more (and save!) so that you always have a filter on hand when you need it.

Replacing an Insinkerator F-701R cartridge is easy, it's not dissimilar to replacing a light globe!

Saipol SAP-INK
Optimum flow rate: 2-3.5 LPM
Design pressure: 875 Kpa
Operating Temperature: Up to 38ᄎC
Capacity: 6 - 12 months; dependent on usage and water quality.
5 Microns

Independently tested and certified - Australian Watermark Compliant - AS 3497:2022 & AS/NZS 4348

"For over twenty years Saipol and its affiliates have been designing and creating customised filtration solutions for a range of markets and industries, with applications in hospital, commercial and residential use."

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