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General Ecology

General Ecology First Need Deluxe Purifier

General Ecology First Need Deluxe Purifier

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This Purifier hasᅠbeen replacedᅠwith theᅠNEW model First Need XLEᅠPurifier.

Purify water naturally, instantly and ecologically! Quick, easy & convenient- no chemicals, hold time or double pumping required!

Just place the blue nozzle at the end of the tube into the water you want to purify and pump the water through the purifier using the blue handle!

First Need Pump: reliable, easy grip, palm molded handle, double action pump; fast flow with less work.

Includes First Need "Structured Matrix?" Sealed Replacement Cartridge.

"Direct Connect?" purifier attaches snugly to many popular trail and bike bottles.

Long non-kink intake hose ᄋ self cleaning pre-filter with adjustable float ᄋ water resistant nylon tote bag.

Award Winning: 2002 "Gear of the Year Award" Outside magazine 2002 Buyer's Guide ᄋ 2000 Consumers Choice Award -

The First Need series are used by the US Army and UN Peace Keeping Forces.

"I am back from the Sahara and the purifier worked wonders! Not a tummy trouble in sight as I drew water from desert wells along our trail. It's so much easier and quicker than using chemical alternatives. The team at Filterific were amazing with my last minute request for a First Need Deluxe - customer service far beyond the call of duty!"
Sharon Moreham, Christchurch NZ

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