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General Ecology

General Ecology Nature Pure QC2 (RS2QC)

General Ecology Nature Pure QC2 (RS2QC)

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Purify your tank water instantly! The Nature Pure QC2 (Quick Change) is the perfect water purifier for your motor home, caravan, camper van, RV or boat.

Purchase with or without the tap (can be adapted to an existing tap).

Designed to keep your tank water pure, clean and fresh, using the same amazing technology as the Seagull IV water purifier; has provided healthy, safe, pure water for over 30 years! The Seagull IV's 'Structured Matrix' technology was developed with aircraft, yachting and recreational vehicle applications in mind, the Nature Pure QC2 is especially rugged, dependable, simple, and easily serviced. It requires no addition of chemicals and no electricity.

This very compact purifier installs under your sink and a separate tap is installed into your sink or bench. Flow rate is a very fast 3.0 litres per minute. Connect to a water supply where ever you live in the world and be assured of clean, fresh, safe drinking water.

Retains valuable minerals and electrolytes in the water.

Removes (not just reduces) bacteria such as e.coli and coliforms, cysts, viruses, metals, tank taste, odours, organic chemicals down to 0.1 microns (0.4 absolute) using NO chemicals, electricity, wastewater or storage tanks.

Purifier cartridge is included and has an average capacity of 2000 litres.

Certified to US EPA Guide Standard for Microbiological “Purification for the removal of bacteria, pathogenic cysts and virus.

Eliminates traditional pressure vessel 'housings'. The small, lightweight, replaceable canister is easily threaded into the compact stainless steel interface unit.

Suitable for all water sources i.e. mains, rain, bore, dams, river, lake *does not desalinate.

Flow Rate: 3.0 Litres/minCapacity* Avg.: 2000 LitresOperating Pressure: 20 psi – 100 psiParticle Retention: 0.1 MicronDimension: 12.7 cm (diameter) x 13.7 cm (height)Weight: 0.54kgCartridge: NPRS2QC (420620)
* Capacity may vary depending on influent water quality
** intended for COLD water use

Also known as: Nature Pure QC
Model number: RS2QC
Part number: 420600 (with tap included)
Part number: 420630 (no tap included)


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