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Puretec 3 Way Sink Mixer - Tripla T4

Puretec 3 Way Sink Mixer - Tripla T4

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Puretec Tripla T4 combines a normal mixer tap which provides hot water for washing up and cold water for general use, with a separate lever at the base for filtered drinking water.

The mixer isolates the filtered water via an additional hidden waterway inside the tap which ensures it is not contaminated by the untreated water supply; one mixer allowing for tap water and filtered water. Save room on the sink!

Comes with both ᄑ" and ᄐ" steel-wire-braided connection hoses, so you can choose which size you prefer to connect to the filter (allows an increased flow rate).

  • ᄑ" steel-wire-braided connection hoses for hot and cold tap water
  • Tri-flow faucet (hot/cold and filter water)
  • Filtered water and/or rainwater delivered by independent tube to avoid mixing with tap water
  • LED light will change from blue to red to remind you to replace the water filter.
  • WaterMark approved
  • WELS 5 Star Rated - 5 litres/minute
Puretec's Tripla tapware range is manufactured to stringent standards, Watermark and WELS approved and of the finest quality.

6 Year Warranty - Replacement of product or parts;
1st year including labour.

Water filters we recommend for this mixer:

Seagull IV X-1F Drinking Water Purifier
(High flow rate - use ᄑ" connection hose included with Tap)

Puretec QT12-T4 Water Filter (Standard flow rate - use ᄐ" connection hose included with Tap)

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