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Spring Flow

Spring Flow Distiller Descaler and Cleaner

Spring Flow Distiller Descaler and Cleaner

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Use to remove residue and clean the stainless steel chamber of aᅠ distiller, leaving no taste or odour.ᅠ

Contains: ᅠSulphamic and Citric Acid. Phosphate Free.
Net Weight: 480 grams

Directions for use:
Remove any loose scale with damp cloth.
Fill stainless steel chamber with enough water to cover the scale.
Add two tablespoons of cleaner.
Leaving the lid off, plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch, bring to boil, then turn off at the wall.
Let the water cool for 10 to 20 minutes, discard and rinse the interior thoroughly with clean water.
If the residue is too thick to be completely removed the first time, repeat the procedure as often as needed.
Small amounts of residue are harmless, but it pays not to let it build up too much. These crystals are specifically made to clean your distiller leaving no taste or odour.ᅠ

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