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Xsential Compatible Zip Filter XP9-S

Xsential Compatible Zip Filter XP9-S

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XP9-S is a water filter replacement cartridge that is compatible with:
  • ZIP water filter 91289
  • ZIP water filter 91290
  • ZIP water filter 91291
  • ZIP water filter 91292

Removes chlorine, unpleasant taste and odour, cloudiness, sediment and particles,ᅠdirt, rust, andᅠlimescale.ᅠᅠ

Has theᅠsame sizeᅠfilter headᅠas the filters listed above.

Flow rate: 4 Lpmᅠ
Pressure:ᅠ 150-870 kpa
Capacity: 6 months; (no longer than 12 months) depending on usage
5 Microns

WaterMark Certification Standard- ASZS 3497:1998 Drinking water treatment units

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