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Zip Filter 28002

Zip Filter 28002

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This item is no longer available, scroll down for a compatible Zip filter that will fit your system.

Removes dirt, rust and particles that contaminate drinking water.

This Zip 5 micron filter eliminates offensive odours by reducing chlorine and other chemicals and gives better tasting drinking water by removing organic contaminants.

Filter replacements at intervals of 6 - 12 months is recommended depending on levels of usage and water quality. Zip Filters areᅠeasy to change, as easy asᅠchanging a light globe!

Fully encapsulated for superior hygiene.

For use with:
ZIP Autoboil
ZIP Hyroboil
ZIP HydroTap
ZIP Filter Tap

Flow rate: 3.8 Lpm (1.0 gpm)
Capacity: 6 months; (no longer than 12 months) depending on usage
5 Microns

GenuineᅠZip Cartridge: SKU28002

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