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Zip Filter 93704

Zip Filter 93704

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This genuine Zip filter removes contaminants to a very fine 0.2 microns. It reduces Lead, Limescale, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. It eliminates offensive odours by reducing chlorine and other chemicals and gives better tasting drinking water by removing organic contaminants. The filter also contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial that is used to prevent bacteria growth inside the filter.

Filter replacements at intervals of 6 - 12 months is recommended depending on levels of usage and water quality. Zip Filters areᅠeasy to change, as easy asᅠchanging a light globe!

Fully encapsulated for superior hygiene.

For use with ZIP Commercial On wall Boiling Water products (manufactured after February 2017)

Flow rate: 5.678 L/min
Capacity: 9,463 litres
Replace filter: 6 months; (no longer than 12 months) depending on usage
0.2 Microns

Genuine Zip Cartridge: SKU93704


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