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Zip Hydroboil Electronic 100 Cups per hour

Zip Hydroboil Electronic 100 Cups per hour

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Instant filtered boiling water!
3.0 ltrᅠ 18 cups at one time - 100 cups per hour

Stainless steel case.
Energy efficient! Packed with features designed to save you time and money in the workplace.
Zip Hydroboil comes optimized for lean operation.

Programmable to run even more efficiently:
"Sleep mode" automatically engages when idle
Auto power-down after hours and on weekends
Light-sensor stops working when you do!
Safety switch prevents workplace mishaps
Easily programmed to fill your favourite cup/kettle/plunger!
Improve workplace efficiency; never wait for water to boil!

Zip Electronic Hydroboil is available in your choice of 2 finishes: Powder-Coated White or Brushed Stainless Steel.

Model: 203067 HBE6-103FT (Powder-Coated White)
Model: 203067 HBE6-103FT (Brushed Stainless-Steel)

Keywords: Hydro boil, 203067, HBE6-103FX, HBE6103FX

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